An Extremely Short Doctor Who Story
by Rebecca Dowgiert & Linda A. Furey

On a beautiful sunny morning in a green glade, a blue police box shimmied into existence. The door opened and a vaguely bohemian figure with dark curls (oh those dark curls!) and a charming smile (oh, that smile!) stepped out. Behind him, a lithe figure in animal skins slipped out of the TARDIS and looked around keenly. They stood there for a moment, drinking in the beauty of a country morning. Suddenly an insect fluttered by on jeweled wings.

"Oh, look!" Leela exclaimed. "It's a bi-flanged lepodoptera!"

The Doctor smiled benevolently. "Why, so it is! Why, Leela, you must have been at the Library."

"Oh, no, Doctor," she replied innocently. "You know I can't read."

"Oh,that's right," he said, looking confused. "And I didn't tell you, did I? I don't think-" Suddenly a look of suspicion dawned in his eyes.

"Wait a minute - did you bribe the scriptwriter?!"

Leela merely flipped an arch eyebrow at him and went skipping off to look for adventure.