I took a writing class this past ('97) Summer. At times, the teacher gave us assignments to do in class, and the last such task was this: Write a one-sentance story, at least 200 words, and without too many semi-colons, either. I stared at her. She was nuts. Impossible. But she stood her ground, and we all started writing away. Peeved, I decided it was a crazy assignment, and just for that, I would make it a crazy Doctor Who story...>:-) Therefore, for your amusement I hereby present:

The Absolutely Ridiculous but Ultimately Amusing One-Sentance Doctor Who Story
by Rebecca Dowgiert

Sometimes one mistake will lead to another, and another, and another, thought Sam, who knew this, knew it intuitively, knew it with a bone-deep knowledge that felt like instinct, so why was she surprised that she and her friend the Doctor were standing at the edge of a cliff, as a squad of beetle-browed, black-armored, chitin-encased, belligerent, just plain nasty insectoid Voreth troopers advanced towards them, clicking their mandibles in anticipation of either shooting her and the Doctor, pushing them over the edge, hauling them off to the local lava pit and pushing them in there, or some other such unreasonable fate, especially ironic since, as far as she was concerned, it was those tossers of troopers who'd made the mistake, yes sirree, who'd mercilessly invaded, with no warning, but obviously a lot of premeditation, their peaceful neighbor, the enlightened Archimandry of Thelos, where she and the Doctor had been vacationing, just enjoying the sights, the fresh air, the beautiful countryside, the thriving arts community, the excellent restaurants, and generally progressive atmosphere, leaving her and her friend no choice but to put a stop to the attack, which they'd been in the process of doing, sneaking around the Voreth flagship and reprogramming the battle computers to send the troops home again, since all Voreths follow the dictates of their computers with slavish devotion, believing that their original God-King, Firthfungal, was the one who'd originally programmed them, instituting the Grand Direction of the Voreth Empire, when unfortunately, she and the Doctor had been spotted and roundly pursued out of the ship and to the edge of the cliff on which she found herself now, about to meet a nasty fate next to her friend, the eccentric Time Lord who usually found a way out of the trickiest of situations, and she really hoped he knew what he was doing this time, she really hoped, and she looked aside at him, at the concerned look on his face, and thought "That tears it; we're goners now," as the Voreth squad marched up to within a few meters of where they stood at bay, marched up, then unaccountably stopped as their wrist com units beeped loudly, causing the squad leader to throw up an arm and say: "About face and back to the ship, double-time; the computer says it's time for Tea, and though this is not our normal tea-time, we must obey, for Firthfungal himself hath dictated the way", and off they went back to their ship, leaving an incredulous (and very relieved) Sam to stare at her friend, who stood and reflected aloud, "Funny how some people can never admit that there's been a mistake."

(Mercifully) The End. ;-)

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