Rock & Roll TARDIS
A Challenge Drabble
by Bex

Must Include: Dr Who/ Ramones (which ever Doc you want to use)
Title: "Rock and Roll TARDIS"
Dialogue Line: "Gabba Gabba Hey"

"Gabba Gabba Hey!"

"Susan! What is that infernal racket?!"

"It's the Ramones, Grandfather. You told me to study Earth's culture while we were staying here."

"So I did, my child, so I did."

"Oh, Grandfather...please?"

"Absolutely not!"

"Oh, Grandfather..."

"Now, none of that pouting - I expect better behavior from a young Time Lady!"

"But Grandfather, they're so...cute!"


"Well... you can't deny that they're very musical."

"That's as may be, but you know interfering with Earth History is strictly forbidden. They'll have to go back wherever it was you got them from."

"Yes... you're right, Grandfather. I'm sorry."

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